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5 Different uses of DNA testing

Immigration DNA testing

The time when the only use of DNA testing was to identify the criminal is long gone. DNA testing has become very common and accessible to everyone. Now you can use the DNA testing for different purposes such as:


Immigration DNA testing

·       Forensic DNA testing


Of course, forensics remains the most common purpose of having DNA examined. Cheek swabs are the most often used sample procedure. But, technology has reached the stage where you can get DNA samples from a wide range of materials. As a result, you can get DNA material from skeletons, teeth, masks, etc.


·       Immigration DNA testing

Immigration is a contentious subject in the United States. As laws change, people’s paths to citizenship become difficult to navigate. Families who fell apart at the border can reunite via testing their DNA. Furthermore, if you can prove that you have a blood relative in the U.S. your path to citizenship will be easy.

Immigration DNA testing

·       Infidelity DNA testing

If your significant other’s faithfulness concerns you, infidelity DNA testing is for you. It’s sometimes preferable to have the peace of mind you must. You can check whether your significant other has been faithful by testing their DNA. People use this test for both peaces of mind and as evidence in court.


·       Paternity DNA



The paternity and maternity of a kid are crucial in many circumstances. For example- custody hearings and child support disputes. So, by testing the child’s and parents’ DNA, you may have clear confirmation of paternity.


·       Environmental DNA testing


There is an increase in the number of individuals who grow conscious of the impact on the ecosystem. Pollution can have a variety of negative medical repercussions on a person.

Many DNA testing labs provide environmental services. They help you to understand the composition of the soil in your region.

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