Amniocentesis DNA Test
Amniocentesis DNA Test
February 28, 2022
Mitochondrial DNA
How is mitochondrial DNA used in forensics?
March 12, 2022
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Mitochondrial DNA

What is an ancestry DNA test?

We all might’ve heard of DNA ancestry picture or Ancestry DNA test but what is it exactly! To make it simple and short Ancestry DNA test is the test done by using advanced autosomal testing technology to discover your family history. In this test, the scientist uses DNA research and facial analysis to predict your genetic ethnicity and assist you in locating new family connections across the globe.

This test can trace your ethnicity back numerous generations and provides information about your ancestors like what region the ancestors came from, or sometimes it can also assist in the identification of links with unknown relatives by providing a dynamic list of prospective DNA member matches.

Ancestry DNA Test


You can even find your DNA ancestry based on photos. But how can someone deduce DNA ancestry based on a photo you may ask? Well, the answer is simple your face gives it away!!


As almost everybody knows your facial features depend on the gene you possess, and certain features are specific to a particular region. People from different regions have different features like people from the northern and western fringes of Europe have red hairs and even though freckles can occur in anyone the people with freckles are mostly associated with Ireland and Scotland.

DNA ancestry analysis from photos works with these specific features and face structures to find your ancestors from a different region. The experts use the features which to connect them with the genes that might cause it and then figure out the ancestors based on that analysis.

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Ancestry DNA Test

Why do people trust DNA ancestry tests?

DNA ancestry tests are trusted by people due to two factors:

  • The ancestry test is pretty accurate, especially the cheek swab test which is about 99% accurate.
  • Ancestry tests are usually done for finding the ancestral roots and to know more about one’s history so it doesn’t pose any threat to anyone’s health. That’s also a reason why people trust ancestry DNA tests

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