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4 Limitations Of Paternity Test

DNA paternity test

Most of us already know what a paternity test is and where or how it is used but what about its limitations. We know that a DNA paternity test can tell about who is the biological father of the child or what is the gender of the participants but what are the things that a normal paternity test cannot tell us about.

dna paternity test

Here is the list of 4 limitations of a paternity test:

  1. Age of the participant– The paternity test is not able to determine the DNA age of a person since to determine that, the DNA sample taken at birth needs to be compared with the current DNA sample.
  2. Determination of the real biological father when the alleged fathers are identical twins– since identical twins contain identical DNA it is impossible the determine the paternity through the basic paternity test. The sequencing of the whole genome will be needed which might cost quite a fortune.
  3. Paternity between biological relative and a child– the paternity test can only tell about the paternity between father & son relation but cannot determine whether the man tested is the biological uncle, brother, grandfather, cousin, etc.
  4. False sample– there is always a possibility that the person that was to be tested sent someone else’s sample. Of course, this can be prevented if the sampling was done under supervision, but if the samples do get exchanged, the paternity test will not be able to detect that.

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