What are genetic mutations and is it bad or good?

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What are genetic mutations and is it bad or good?

Genetic Mutations

Many times when we come across the term genetic mutations we think about X-Men. But the reality is something way opposite. So what do scientists mean when they say a person has genetic mutations in them. In this post, we’ll try to understand that easily?

So let’s start with the basics what is mutation?

To understand that you need to know about DNA first. Our DNA is made up of 4 chemical bases namely adenine (A), guanine (G), cytosine (C), and thymine (T). These chemicals pair together to form a DNA sequence. When your original DNA sequence changes due to internal or external factors the phenomenon is called a mutation.

Genetic Mutations

What causes mutation?

  • Mutations occur due to internal and external factors.
  • Internal factor includes mistakes during the formation of new DNA strands.
  • External factors include UV radiations and smoking which damages the DNA sequence.

Other than that mutations can be inherited by a child from their parents. Inherited mutations are called hereditary mutations. These mutations are present in each body cell and can be passed down to new generations.

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Are mutations good or bad? 

  • Mutations are more normal than it seems. Mutations are also one of the reasons organisms evolve because mutations give the organisms more chances of survival.
  • But some mutations cause serious issues in humans like cancer and several kinds of a syndrome. That’s why mutations can’t be categorized as a good or bad thing. Since mutations are a major factor that drives evolution.

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