Why you should go for a Legal paternity test instead of a Non-legal DNA test?

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Why you should go for a Legal paternity test instead of a Non-legal DNA test?

paternity test

Usually, people go for legal testing as proof of paternity. Judicial testing is also used to provide child support, name on the birth certificate, etc. A paternity test is also used by people who have an issue regarding paternity and other alleged relationship.

paternity testing

These Legal DNA tests can be done for various reasons like:

The procedure of Legal paternity test:

  • Collection of DNA samples

    – DNA samples are collected with a proper protocol. The sampler includes the person who collects the sample and the one who witnesses the sample collection.

  1. The sampler is required to collect DNA from all test participants.
  2. Then he seals the sample and returns them for testing.
  3. Then the sampler fills in the form and paperwork that is required.
  4. Then they sign the required documents and provide photographs.
  • Documentation

    – The required documents are two passport photos. ID documents that prove the location of the country in which the sampling is taking place.

  • Approved and fully qualified sampler.

Paternity test


A DNA test can be ordered for several reasons like to determine genetic similarities or to check for genetic abnormalities, genetic mutations, etc. A legal DNA test is recommended because the result of a legal test can be used in the court of law, for issues regarding child custody, child support, and other situations.

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