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What is genetic tests and its types?

genetic tests

Genetic testing is getting more and more popular with the rise in awareness among people about the genetic disorder and the harm it can cause their family if left untreated. Genetic testing is used to look for any kind of changes in the genes which are also known as mutation or genetic variation sometimes. genetic testing is useful in many areas of medical care. For example, it can help you diagnose a genetic disorder, the results of genetic tests that are done by using blood or spit sample can tell you if you have any kind of genetic disorder or are at the risk of developing one in the future.

genetic tests

Genetic tests can also tell you about the chances of you developing cancer in the future. And since you and your family members all have similar DNA if your result shows that you are at risk of developing a certain genetic disorder your family might be in the danger of developing that genetic disorder too, so it can help you determine all the possibilities.

genetic tests

There are different types of genetic testing that can be done which are the following:

  • Panel testing – in the process of panel testing many genes are tested at once to look for mutations and changes in the genes. Genetic testing panels are grouped into different groups based on the different types of genetic concerns. For example epilepsy, short stature, low muscle tone, and some other concerns like the risk of developing certain kinds of cancer.
  • Single gene testing– it looks for changes in only a single gene. It is done if your doctor believes you have symptoms of a disorder caused by a certain gene.
  • Large-scale genomic testing– this is done if you have a history of complex medical-related cases.

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