DNA testing

January 7, 2022
Paternity test results

Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening for Twin Pregnancies

Nowadays the non-invasive prenatal test which uses cell-free fetal DNA found in a mother’s bloodstream has gained more interest than an invasive technique because non-invasive prenatal […]
January 5, 2022
Prenatal testing

Relationship DNA test

Getting the DNA tests done by taking the blood sample is just an old thing. Science had developed a lot of things in the past few […]
December 7, 2021
Paternity test results

How your paternity test results can be wrong?

According to a survey, between 14 and 30 percent of Paternity test results are claimed to be fake. There are many fraud companies, which don’t have […]
November 25, 2021
Ancestry DNA test

Ancestry tests’ different results and privacy issues

Each company offers ancestry tests services by using its own proprietary database of DNA samples known as ancestry informative markers (AIMs) from current populations in the […]