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January 5, 2022
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Fake DNA Test Result

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Paternity fraud occurs when a mother intentionally misidentifies her partner as a biological father of her child. Research indicates that 1 in 50 British fathers are unknowledgeable raising a child (biological child of another man) and that forged paternity is rarer than commonly supposed.

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How to spot fake DNA test results

Fraudsters and untrustworthy individuals sell fake DNA tests and individuals with the intent of hiding the real identity of a child or person favor these groups and present a fake DNA result as the real thing.

Here are some tips that assist to identify the fake DNA test results:

Reputation Validation: Every DNA test in Houston results comes with details of the lab or hospital where the test conducts. So, you can scan around for the information about the lab where the alleged DNA test conducts.

Accreditation, Certification, and Licensing: Each country has its own licensing system for DNA testing laboratories. AABB Accreditation is the most extensively recognized certification for DNA testing labs and is considered the gold standard in the sector. AABB establishes accurate and precise standards of quality with respect to confidentiality, safety, sample collection, competence, laboratory analysis, and experience and makes sure that accredited facilities follow these standards through regular on-site inspections.

DNA testing near me

The absence of valid licensing, accreditation, and certification signifies that you may be dealing with fake DNA test results.

If you have more questions, you can search for the best DNA testing services in Houston, Los Angeles, Texas, New York, and any state in the US. And you may know answers to your queries.

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