Consider getting a DNA test for your deceased loved ones.

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Consider getting a DNA test for your deceased loved ones.

Deceased DNA

Deceased DNA testing is also known as postmortem genetic testing and as the name suggests it is done on a sample of a dead individual. The main goal of this test is to determine the main cause of death and to find there any relative or family member who’s at risk of sudden death due to the same genetic disorder.

In this test, multiple tests are done to find any kind of mutation or alterations in genes or chromosomes. The test is usually ordered by a genetic specialist and the ideal sample for this testing is EDTS blood or fresh frozen tissue.

deceased dna testing

How to get a DNA test of a deceased person?

When a postmortem is ordered, the official organization helps you obtain DNA samples of the dead. And the DNA sample which is to be obtained from the family members will be done by taking a sample of a cheek swab.

deceased dna testing

GENETIC testing is important because most of the young natural deaths are caused by a genetic disorder. For example:

SCD (Sudden Cardiac Death)- almost 50% of SCD under the young age of 35 years. Although the autopsy test does not show any abnormality in the heart a genetic test can help find any kind of genetic inheritance of genetic disease in the family and deceased one.

Reasons why you should save a sample:

  • It can help identify the main cause of death.
  • It can help provide closure or explanation to the family.

It can allow the family member to find if there is any inheritance of the specific gene that can be treated and save them in the future.

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