January 17, 2022
Mitochondrial DNA testing

Mitochondrial DNA test and its benefits.

Mitochondrial DNA is found in the mitochondria that are present in each of our cells. This organelle is the one responsible to produce energy for our […]
January 15, 2022
Deceased DNA

Consider getting a DNA test for your deceased loved ones.

Deceased DNA testing is also known as postmortem genetic testing and as the name suggests it is done on a sample of a dead individual. The […]
January 13, 2022
genetic testing

Direct-to-Consumer genetic testing and its advantages.

What is Direct-to-consumer genetic testing? In direct-to-consumer genetic testing, the tests are marketed by a company directly to the customer and can be bought from an […]
January 6, 2022
dna testing near me

Fake DNA Test Result

Paternity fraud occurs when a mother intentionally misidentifies her partner as a biological father of her child. Research indicates that 1 in 50 British fathers are […]